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What is Spotlight of the Week?

As we know, Empowered Women Empower Women. I plan to live out this mantra by amplifying one of my favorite things: women making their mark in tech. My goal each week is to highlight women I look up to, organizations I support, and general knowledge that I find interesting that pertains to this topic. Please reach out if you have an idea to share, a resource I don’t know about yet, or any questions you have relating to any of these spotlights.

Elpha: Where Women Succeed at Work Together

This week I want to talk about the community Elpha. Elpha is a space for women to engage with other women professionally in a safe and healthy environment to foster connection, support, and awareness. I personally have used Elpha to browse the many job applications available on the website, read posts that share advice on various workplace scenarios, and gain awareness for opportunities I potentially may have missed had I not signed up for this AWESOME resource.

Here is a fantastic article talking about the history of Elpha with the two co-founders, Cadran Cowansage and Kuan Luo. I was introduced to Elpha through the YC Job Series: Women Eng in Startups and I related to Cadran discussing firsthand the varying moments in her career where she had wished for a bigger network to lean on. Cadran creatively solved this problem not only for herself but for all of us as well! I highly encourage signing up, and if you would like to learn more about Elpha, visit their FAQ.

Some Favorite Elpha Resources

Thanks for reading! Please shoot me an email with questions, comments, or information I didn’t know about yet!