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Hi, y’all!

Here we are, starting this journey. I know I introduced myself a little on the about page, but I wanted to expand on some of my favorite things about work and my true passions that I wish I could do full time. Since high school, I have loved teaching and mentoring others. Whether it’s tutoring geometry, chemistry, or physics, this was always a role that brought me joy. This passion carried into college, where I was a TA for some Introduction to Mechanical Engineering classes. As I started working at USAA, I am very thankful the organization had opportunities for me to continue this type of teaching. I currently teach a two day Datastage class to the New Hire Data Track three times a year which hands down rank as my favorite kinds of work days.

Personally, my desire for continuous learning has paired quite nicely with my technical career. Through my current position, I have had the opportunity to learn many new technologies and platforms such as Datastage, Control-M, Gitlab, SQL, UCD, Unix, Snowflake, Nifi, dbt, and many others. I have also been able develop processes with these technologies and then teach what I have learned to my teams (and of course, write the documentation surrounding it).

I hope to find more opportunities for continue learning and teaching because I believe that we are all more successful together.

Now, if you’ve been holding on, here’s the answer to my two truths and a lie.

For fun, I’d love to play two truths and a lie with you! Go to my first blog post ever!! to see the answer.

  • I played soccer in college and actually hold a conference record and a couple of school records.
    Truth: In a past life, I was a rockstar goalkeeper at UTD for the women’s NCAA soccer team
  • I am deaf in my left ear and for a select period of time I wore a hearing aid to school.
    Truth: I didn’t wear the hearing aids for long but I did indeed wear them
  • I have the same middle name as my mom because she wanted me to have names that related to both of my parents (Middle/Mom, Last/Dad)
    LIE! I am indeed named after both of my parents, but my first name is my mom’s middle name. My middle name is the spin-off girl version of my father’s name.

Thanks for reading!