About me

Woman in front of a reflection pool with a hand on her hip in an orange blazer

Hi, I’m Monica. After being inspired by many individuals I admire, I decided to create my own website. Currently, I am using the platform Vercel with a Next.js Starter Blog template.

Here’s some basic information about me. I went to the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) for my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, where I was introduced to programming through the use of loops to create various shapes using the asterisk key. My junior year I landed an internship at USAA, partially because of my love for Sudoku, and was amazed by the job possibilities I didn’t even know existed in the software space. Ever since then, I have tried to be a continuous learner, and soak up all the knowledge I can related to all things tech. I started my career post-graduation (May 2019) in the data world and still reside there today, mostly doing data movement. In December of 2021, I achieved my Masters in Systems Engineering and Management also from UTD. I currently work at Starburst Data as a Developer Advocate, so please contact me with all your data needs and I can help get you connected with the right individuals.

I have a cockapoo named Phoebe, a husband named Edmund, and the three of us all share a love of food, walks, and spending time with our family and friends.

For fun, I’d love to play two truths and a lie with you! Go to my first blog post ever!! to see the answer.

  • I played soccer in college and actually hold a conference record and a couple of school records.
  • I am deaf in my left ear and for a select period of time I wore a hearing aid to grade school.
  • I have the same middle name as my mom because she wanted me to have names related to both of my parents (Middle/Mom, Last/Dad).